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Internal criticism from the Interior about lockdown measures

Leaked documents from the German Ministry of the Interior!

A sales manager of the KM4 department ("Protection of critical infrastructures") from the German Ministry of the Interior has prepared a detailed analysis of the damage caused by the corona measures in Germany. This is in possession of “Tichys Einblick, Which exclusively reports on this.

The result of the analysis is alarming - for it is not only concluded that the corona crisis is a devastating false alarm. The department manager also comes to the conclusion that the collateral damage evoked by the pandemic measures far outweighs the damage caused by the virus itself.

Ministry of the Interior distances itself

Because all requests from the head of department to discuss his views with superiors and to submit the document to the minister were rejected, he passed it on to the crisis staff and his skilled employment circles at the national level. Subsequently, the Ministry of the Interior sent a letter to all recipients, expressing its concern distanced from said document - which confirms the authenticity of the analysis, because this letter is also in the possession of the editors of Tichys Einblick.

Covid-19: a false alarm

In his analysis, the head of section concludes that the actual impact of Covid-19 on massive protection measures and the resulting damage to the people and economy of Germany not justify. If you take the usual mortality rates in Germany as a comparison, it would appear that the danger of Covid-19 to the population would not be greater than that of many other viruses.

Some quotes from the sales manager:

“Crisis management and political decision-makers could wreak enormous avoidable damage on our society, far exceeding the potential of the corona virus and causing unimaginable suffering. The stability of our community and the file of our constitutional order may be endangered. For the state, claims for high damages are threatened because of clearly wrong decisions. ”

He stressed the urgent need to repeal the measures. If not, people will think that the government is only covering itself.

“In view of the business finding of the present analysis and the contrasting decisions of politics, duped outsiders may fear that the defining goal of national crisis management is no longer the health and safety of the population but the credibility and acceptance of government parties and members of government. "

About the mortality rates as a result of the corona measures:

“The likely death rate cannot be seriously estimated; Experts suspect numbers between 5.000 and up to 125.000 patients who will die / have died as a result of the postponed surgeries. ”

The lowest estimate of the number of deaths from Corona is 5.000. The number of (alleged) corona deaths is 7,569.

90% had an underlying condition. Average age 80 years.

How can this outweigh the number of victims as a result of these measures? And we are not even talking about the economic damage.

EJ Bron has the articles HERE translated:



Massive criticism of the RKI and the German government!

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tonysMelody TM
tonysMelody TM
2 months ago

I think I saw him on the site with you. But I hope this virus goes down in the history books as the COVID-1984 VIRUS. And that we can all laugh about it immediately.

Act normal ... and STAY OUT!



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