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Google begins to influence US elections

If you search for 'Joe Biden' on Google, you won't find any matches Breitbart find. The tech giant has hindered all traffic to the site, according to the news site, which gives a conservative view. Breitbart sees it as clear evidence of influencing election.

Google has a clear bias against conservative media, such as The Daily Wire. Google has adjusted its search engine at least three times to reduce Breitbart's visibility, the website claims. The last time is said to have happened in May when Google reduced traffic from Google to Breitbart for search term “Joe Biden” and other related terms to ZERO, said Breitbart.

“I have never experienced such a large-scale removal of rank and visibility from specific concepts on a site, as I have seen applied to Breitbart.An anonymous SEO expert told Breitbart.

“Removal is key. Not falling in rank, which would be an organic devaluation. These ranks have simply disappeared overnight, while other topics have been left untouched. ”

Broadly speaking, Google has suppressed the search results for Breitbart 99,7% since 2016. All major conservative sites receive much less traffic from Google Search than their liberal competitors. This is evident from data from Alexa Web Rankings.

This leaves good see that high people in Google dislike President Donald Trump. This aversion manifests in decisions aimed at preventing Trump's reelection in November, Breitbart thinks.

Google officials have not hid their 'fear' of Trump's 2016 winnings. When there was a closed-door discussion that was published by Breitbart two years ago after they obtained the images. According to Google, people like co-founder Sergey Brin, CEO Sundar Pichai or VP Kent Walker had only expressed their personal opinion, and it has not affected the products and services.

The report was released ahead of the hearing in the United States House of Representatives on Wednesday, where Pichai, as well as the heads of Facebook, Apple and Amazon, were questioned by members of the judicial committee. During the six-hour session, Republican representative Jim Jordan cited the report among many examples of what he mentioned “Censoring conservatives and trying to influence the elections."

Several conservative commentators have long said that Silicon Valley helped their favorites by diverting attention from them. Last week, Google admitted that a “glitch” caused outlets such as Daily Caller and Breitbart to be removed from search results.

The allegations that tech giants are abusing their market power to manipulate political outcomes according to their leadership's preferences have gotten louder as the US gets closer to the November elections.


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