The Other Newspaper Podcast #7 - The Unlimited Power of Government

Read 300 In this podcast Rypke Zeilmaker & Elze Van Hamelen talk about their contribution to the 7th Saturday edition of De Andere Krant. They talk about sustainable & surveillance developments in the Netherlands and what we as Dutch people should be aware of. Thanks for listening! Order the new edition on our […]

Is the world for sale? | The Other Newspaper Podcast #4

Read 1.307 In this podcast, Elze van Hamelen (journalist) of De Andere Krant talks about Wall Street and the earth as a financial product, and Ad Nuis (photographer) about his column straight back. Guest in this podcast: Elze van Hamelen: Ad Nuis. Buy and find De Andere Krant at one sales location via our website: […]

Timmermans: Push through the Green deal and corona vaccinations

Read 63 Frans Timmermans is proud of the approach to the corona crisis and says the EU has acted very well. In addition, the green deal also has a bright future, according to the 60-year-old PvdA member. “Who would have thought that we could put together a recovery program so quickly and that countries like the Netherlands could also agree to […]

It's sink or swim!

Read 34 It's sink or swim! Sometimes I am wrong. At the moment I think I was seriously mistaken. For many years I had been under the assumption that as Dutch people we were a seafaring nation that has dominated the world's seas for centuries. I assumed that the Dutch built dikes and […]

Flood disaster in Limburg, what is really going on here?

Read 146 Flood disaster in Limburg, what is really going on here? When I visited @Your best friend is watching with you on YouTube a day ago, I ended up in a very special spectacle, something that was actually set up to put Willem Engel in a bad light because of a statement from him […]

Climate predictions over the years have turned out to be nonsense. Disprove it?

Read 61 Climate change and global warming We know what's coming. We will be bombarded with climate propaganda again and they will bring it to you that it is “even worse than corona”. Our friend Bill Gates: The idea, man's overestimation, of even thinking of having any influence […]

Thierry Baudet speaks the hard truth with passion during corona debate

Read 75 Klaus Schwab can be proud of you! Take on them, these scammers in the House of Representatives with BLOOD on their hands! It must be over with this fascist society that is forced upon us for absolutely nothing. The figures show that nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong and that the […]

Conception, drugs and drug residues in the drinking water

Read 29 Contraception, medicines and drug residues in drinking water RIVM has conducted research into an increase in chemical and biological substances that pollute our drinking water, which do not belong in our environment and which were difficult to remove by current filtering methods. Due to a strong increase in these substances, the water quality is below a […]