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After being off the air for almost 3 months due to censorship, we're back! We're just rebuilding CommonSenseTV. CommonSenseTV – Honest

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Is there life on Pluto?

The covid hoax with associated poison injection campaign is not an independent event but is part of an all-encompassing plan. The corona panic is of vital importance

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LGBTQ+? Nobody cares!

Woke America My previous article about Kareen Jean-Pierre, the new black gay LGBTQ+ spokesperson for Joe Biden, I started by saying that it is not

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May 6, 2002

On May 2022, 20, almost all media, mainstream and free media, paid attention to Pim. He was murdered XNUMX years ago. The mainstream media

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Demise of an Empire

This is a small excerpt of a large article from Disclosure dated December 15, 2020. The entire article can be found in the link below

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